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Large Kuranze Emerald Green Tsavorite Ring

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An exceptional vintage 1970ies green tsavorite garnet and diamond ladies side-by-side cocktail ring in 14K yellow and white gold setting. The ring is centered by a twin pair of cushion cut tsavorite garnets of Kenyan origin with exceptional and nearly flawless transparency for a Type II gemstone, further possessing a fine and vibrant vivid emerald green color with a slight blue hint and superb slbG 6/6 tone and saturation. Some typical gemological characteristics of miniature inclusions, like included crystals and rutile or actinolite needles, are visible under 200x microscope magnification. Please, take a look at attached photos. Both tsavorite garnets are surrounded by an oval border of Old European and transitional cut diamonds of various sizes. Absolutely scarce vintage jewelry collector piece and one of the rare vivid emerald green tsavorite garnet jewels. The ring is accompanied by a jewelry appraisal and gem identification report. Center Stone Details: Gem Species: Grossular Garnet, Variety: Tsavorite, Shape & Cut: Rectangular Cushion cut, Measurements (LxWxD mm): 10.03x8.14x4.56 and 10.04x8.08x4.38 respectively, Carat Weight: 3.10 Cts. and 2.98 Cts. respectively, TCW is 6.08 Cts., Clarity: Loupe clean (nearly flawless for a Type II gem), Color: Vivid Green w. blue hint, slbG 6/6, Geographic Origin: Kenya (possibly Kuranze), Treatement(s): None, Refractive Index: 1.74, Mounting Details: Gross Weight: 10.5 gr., Metal Content: 14K yellow gold with white gold diamond settings, Condition: Perfect, with typical minor age wear, Manufacturing Method: Hand assembled, Setting Technique: Mixed close and claw settings, Ring Size: 61 (US size 9.5, UK size T), can be resized, Diamond Melee Details: Shape & Cut: Old European and transitional Round cut, Measurements: 18pcs. of various sizes (2.0-2.5mm diam. range), Weight (est. by formula): TDW 1.00-1.20cts. approx. within settings, Clarity: SI1-SI2 clarity ranges on an average basis, Color: F-G (graded within settings). Please, kindly bear in mind that due to several business locations that we occupy within the EU, some of our items could be shipped from alternative European member state, but in no case this would affect the shipping, handling and delivery times, nor it will affect in any sense the quality and appearance of the items purchased and delivered. Tsavorite is a trade name for the emerald-green variety of Grossular Garnet that originates in Africa. Tsavorite has become one of the most popular and expensive Garnets, due to its rarity combined with effective marketing tactics. This gemstone was first discovered in Tanzania in 1967. It was subsequently found in the same geological formation across the border in Kenya in 1970 near Tsavo National Park, a wildlife preserve in the African Serengeti, and given its name after the national park. Tsavorite was named by both Campbell Bridges, the discoverer of Tsavorite, and by Henry Platt, the president of Tiffany & Co. (one of the world's largest jewelry companies). There are a number of locations along the Tsavorite belt where this beautiful gemstone is mined, but there is only one area which produces a very rare colour of Tsavorite containing a hint of blue. This is considered the ultimate colour in Tsavorite and a very few stones are mined every year from this deposit. The cause of the superior colour is a touch of Chromium in the ground along with Tsavorite’s normal colouring agent – Vanadium. This place is called Kuranze and Tsavorites mined from here are much coveted for their quality. Tsavorites are not generally available in large sizes. Even 1 carat fine stones are rare. On average, it takes over 1 ton of gem bearing rock to extract under 5 carats of fine 1 carat pieces. Fine stones over 2 carats are rare and over 3 carats they become very rare in the fine qualities.


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