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Large Natural Keshi Pearl Diamond Bracelet

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A truly spectacular and unique large natural South Sea Keshi pealrs bracelet in 18 karat yellow gold. This one of a kind and signed HCC designer link brace features 6 very large Keshi pearls of various natural colors ranging from pure soft pink, gold, white, creamy and soft blue. It is important to note that in comparison to other more common Keshi pealrs, the present 6 pearls exhibit great even and firm shapes that are slightly off round to oval. The pearls are very large and measuring 15x12.5 to 14x13.5mm and are one of the finest natural South Sea Keshi pearls we have seen and have a superb lustre. The pearls are set as centerpieces of each of the bracelet's large links such that, their surrounding sections follow the shapes of the pearls set into their center. These surrounding link sections resemble the free flow of the ocean waves and are fully paved atop with finest round brilliant cut diamonds. There are virtually hundreds of diamonds (over 350 in total) set throughout the bracelet including each of the smaller links that connects the larger sections. Total estimated diamond weight is in the 5.50 carats range and all diamonds exhibit a fantastic average H white color and VS clarity. The bracelet is 18.50cm (7.3") long and about 3cm (2.2") wide at its widest points and is hallmarked 750 for 18K gold, as well as marked with a maker's mark whose initials read HCC. It was purchased from Neiman Marcus and comes with the original Neiman Marcus luxury wooden box. Retail price of this fine bracelet when purchased was $23,000. Absolutely scarce and rare jewerly collector piece and one of the finest natural South Sea Keshi pearl bracelets and jewels. Keshi pearls are usually small non-nucleated pearls. The Japanese word means “poppy” and is used in Japanese for all pearls that grew without a nucleus. Originally, keshi pearls referred to those pearls formed when a bead nucleus was rejected. Because they have no nucleus, keshi pearls are composed entirely of nacre. Keshi pearls consist of solid nacre, and tend to have high luster as a result. Most Keshi pearls are highly baroque in shape and it is extremely rare to discover large Keshi pearls of even and nearly uniform shapes.


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