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Conch Saltwater Pearl Diamond Charm Bracelet

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Absolutely lovely and gorgeous antique late Victorian / (early 1900s) turn of the century era diamond line bracelet crafted in 18 karat white and yellow gold. This magnificent charm bracelet contains 3 charms, the middle one being a gold key, while the two others on both sides of the key are a large and IMPORTANT white NATURAL drop shaped SALTWATER PEARL measuring 11.20 x 7.60 x 7.54 x 11.20mm, and the other being a fantastic and intense pink colored CONCH PEARL measuring 10.19 x 5.41 x 5.48mm. Based on a size to weight comparison method, the natural saltwater pearl has an approximate weight of about 6 carats or 25 grains, while the natural conch pearl comes with an IGI certificate stating its weight to be exactly 2.01 carats. Both pearls are NATURAL, SALTWATER and without any treatments and with great lustre with minor to moderate surface blemishes, not noticeable in normal visual distance. One should bear in mind that even a loose single such large natural saltwater pearl would normally fetch more than $10,000. Each one of the beautifully designed almond shaped sections of the bracelet contains one large old European round cut diamond centerpiece garnished with two smaller rose cut diamonds on both sides. The large center diamonds measure an average diameter of 3.8-4.0mm and are generally 2.0-2.2mm deep, having an estimated weight of about 0.20 carats each. Each of the rose cut diamonds has a diameter of 2mm and approximate weight of 0.025 carats. All diamonds have a great average G-H white color and VS clarity range and possess that superb sparkle and fire that is usually required to grab the attention of everyone present. There are a total of 28 large old European round cut diamonds (5.60 carats) set throughout the whole bracelet along with another 56 rose cut ones (1.40 carats). Total estimated diamond weight is about 7.00 carats. The bracelet measures 185mm long (about 7.3”) with a gross weight of 21.5 grams in 18K gold. There appears to be a partial indistinct maker’s mark at the inner side of its clasp, as well as a 750 hallmark for 18 karat gold. The overall craftsmanship, design and superb materials put into crafting this beautiful bracelet speak for a well-known firm in the rank of the major European jewelry companies of that time like Cartier, Van Cleef & Arpels, Bulgari, etc. Absolutely scarce and important antique jewelry collector piece and one of the rare natural saltwater and conch pearls Victorian or early Edwardian era diamond bracelets and jewels.


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