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LARGE Emerald Green Chrome Tourmaline Ring

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Listed for sale is an absolutely scarce and exceptional 16 Carat natural and untreated Chrome Tourmaline possessing an outstanding intense and deep green color that could only be rivaled by the green color of the finest Colombian Muzo mine emeralds. The intense green hue of this rare and precious gem is rich and even throughout the whole stone and if it was not for the great clarity, one could easily mistaken it for a top Colombian emerald. It's medium dark tone is rich emerald green with strong saturation. All photos are taken under normal daylight conditions and have not been enhanced or altered whatsoever. The present Chrome Tourmaline measures 18 x 12.3 x 8.6mm and weighs 3.2 grams or 16 carats. Chrome tourmalines of that size and that particular color, hue and appearance are rarely seen for sale and are most sought after. This Chrome Tourmaline is absolutely natural and without any treatments or enhancements whatsoever! The present stone is superb and exceptional! It is extremely clean with a couple of minor colorless inclusions that could only enhance its proof of being absolutely natural. We could put this stone in the VS to VVS clarity grade for a tourmaline, being nearly flawless to the unaided eye. This fine green chrome tourmaline was originally set into a 1950s retro platinum cocktail ring and garnished along each side there is a row of transitional round brilliant cut diamonds. There are 30 diamonds open set throughout the rim, each diamond having an average diameter of about 2.3mm and total estimated diamond weight of approximately 2 carats. All diamonds have a superb F-G white color and general VS clarity. The ring has a gross weight of 11.4 grams and is made of wired platinum. Ring size is EU 59 (US size 9, UK size R), but it can be easily resized. Absolutely scarce collector piece and one of the rarest chrome tourmaline gems set into a fine 1950s platinum ring... Some further information on Chrome Tourmalines: Chrome is a special variety of green tourmaline that owes its vivid green hue to trace amounts of chromium and vanadium. These are the same elements that also impart to emerald and tsavorite garnet their distinctive pure green hues. It should not be surprising, therefore, that the finest chrome tourmaline tends to resemble the finer examples of emerald and tsavorite. Chrome tourmaline is actually a distinct tourmaline variety called chrome dravite, found in East Africa. Chrome tourmaline is often associated with tsavorite garnet. Even among the green tourmalines there is a broad spectrum. Some of them are very light, others so dark that the green colour can only be recognised when the stone is held against the light. There are green tourmalines in fine leek hues, but also in intense yellowish-green, olive green and brownish-green nuances. And there are especially wonderful tourmalines in the range from blue-green to dark bottle-green. These, indeed, are its best colours. They are rare and much sought-after. Green tourmalines are very popular as precious stones among women, but many men like wearing them too. Like emerald and tsavorite garnet, fine chrome tourmaline is a visually pure “forest” green with slightly yellowish to bluish secondary hues. The blue will normally show itself in incandescent light, the yellow will be more visible in daylight. The same criterion applied to tsavorite garnet and emerald is applicable to chrome tourmaline. A blue secondary hue is preferred to yellow. Chrome tourmaline, unlike emerald, can never be said to be too blue. A visibly pure to slightly (five to fifteen percent) bluish green gem between seventy and seventy-five percent tone is the most desirable. Tourmalines are borosilicates with a very complex structure. The colours are caused, among other things, by tiny amounts of foreign matter and trace elements. Because of the complex structure of this gemstone, it exists in an almost endless number of varieties and colours depending on where it developed. There is something fascinating about this individuality, for practically each deposit has produced its own kind of tourmaline. With a little luck, now and then one may come across a really special highlight in the trade: a chrome tourmaline. That is the name given to the emerald green variety from Tanzania, coloured by vanadium and chrome. Its colour is extraordinarily beautiful, and amazingly similar to that of a fine emerald, which, after all, is among the most expensive gemstones in the world. Chrome tourmaline is quite rare generally, and particularly rare in sizes over one carat. A stone of fine quality over one carat is very rare. Therefore, the collector should expect a large percentage increase in the price of stones in carat-plus sizes. The next jump in rarity occurs at five carats. Stones of fine quality above ten carats are extremely rare, so rare in fact that one rarely sees such a gem.


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