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WWI Bulgaria Airplane Air Detachment cover R

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See scan – very good condition. This is a very scarce Bulgarian cover / postcard mailed from the Bulgarian Air / Aviation Detachment during WWI. As all collectors from the aerophilately know, items from this period are extremely scarce due to the fact that it is the era of the pioneer flight and pilot officers were an extremely low number of enthusiasts. Bulgaria and Bulgarian Royal aviation has a strong history and is actually the first country in the world that used a bomb from the air during the Balkan Wars of 1912 – 1913. During WWI Bulgaria was an Imperial German ally and there were also lots of German officers involved as well as lots of German airplanes and other aviation equipment. Mostly Bulgaria used its WWI aviation for defense of the Capital of Sofia, but also in the Macedonia occupation front, the occupation of Romania and Greece, as well as protecting the Black Sea coast. This was done together with the 2 Balloon units attached to 2nd and 3rd Bulgarian Army. The postal history philatelic item listed is a card from the Airplane Aviation Detachment situated in different parts from the occupied territories of Macedonia, Serbia and Greece. At that time Airplane Detachment was attached to the Staff of the Bulgarian Army. There is an extremely scarce military cachet applied of the Aviation Detachment and so far it is THE ONLY ONE known to exist. All such pieces were personally censored and authorized by some of the most famous Bulgarian pilots / aces thus you are also getting the TRUE autograph. THE REAL militaria stuff… Some brief history of the Aviation Detachment and later Battalion: 11.09.1915 - Sofia. An Airplane and Balloon Detachments are formed.; 14.10.1915 - Sofia. 1st combat mission of the Airplane Detachment.; 01-05.11.1915 - The Airplane Detachment is attached to the occupied Serbia / Serbian town of Nish Strong Point.; 05-10.01.1916 - The Airplane Detachment is attached to 10th Infantry Division. 22.02.1916 – Xanthy - Greece. Half of the Airplane Detachment begins its activities at the Xanthy Airport in the occupied Greek territories.; 27.02.1916 - Sveti Vratch. The second half of the Airplane Detachment begins its activities at the Belitza Airport near Sveti Vratch.; 21.03.1916 - Sveti Vratch. The Airplane Detachment makes its 1st combat mission.; 21.04.1916 - Petrich. 1st air fight of Bulgarian Aviation carried by the Airplane Detachment.; 02.06.1916 - Rousse. A Staff of the Aviation Battalion is formed. Extremely scarce aerophilately item. True gem for any collection.


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